The Withdrawal of the Federal Mandate Won’t Impact Employer Demand

Competitive Health, Inc. (CHI), the preeminent provider of virtual healthcare access technologies and benefit management solutions, points to five key drivers that are fueling ongoing employer demand for COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking despite the withdrawal of federal mandates for private companies with 100+ employees.

Kim Darling, CEO and founder, CHI, says, “While changes at the federal, state and local levels have complicated and confused policy, private companies of every size across the country are deciding to institute their own COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking mandates. With COVID-19 cases still rising and the emergence of variants, companies face pandemic-related challenges and are implementing their own policies requiring workers to be fully vaccinated and routinely tested. In response to this demand, CHI remains proactive in using its technology platforms, end-to-end COVID testing solutions and vaccination tracker to support businesses and their employees as they navigate this ever-changing landscape with maximum efficiency and peace of mind.”

Kim Darling, CEO of Competitive Health Cites 5 Drivers:

  • Protect health and safety of the workforce and workplace
  • Instill employee confidence in returning to the workplace
  • Maintain operations and productivity, reduce absenteeism
  • Retain employees in a competitive recruiting and hiring environment
  • Prepare for potential future mandates

Darling refers to a recently released survey from management consultant Gartner which found that of more than 200 major employers of 1,000 or more employees, 30% still require or will require their employees to get vaccines.

“While there is no federal law that prohibits a vaccine mandate, employers legally can require their employees to be vaccinated and tested, providing they don’t violate local or state laws,” continues Darling, noting that 23 states now have a mandate in place. “Implementing testing, requiring vaccine passports or proof of vaccination and requiring masks as appropriate are all regarded as necessary protocols for a safe workplace.”

Kim DarlingCEO and Founder of Competitive Health

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