Competitive Health now offers critical behavioral health services as part of virtual care solutions.

Competitive Health, Inc. (CHI), the preeminent provider of virtual healthcare access technologies and benefit management solutions, is now offering critical behavioral health services as part of its suite of virtual primary care solutions to support a surge in post-COVID demand for professional counseling and therapy. The introduction of CHI’s Family Behavioral Health is especially timely, given President Biden’s State of the Union address when he announced an ambitious plan to address the nation’s mental health needs, presenting it as an issue with bipartisan support.

“We are extremely pleased with this focus on getting Americans the mental health services they need and a formal strategy to address a mental health crisis that has been years in the making but was only worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic."

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder of Competitive Health

This comes at a tipping point as parents and caregivers, especially women, are leaving the workforce in what’s being called the Great Resignation. This is in large part driven by increasing behavioral health needs among their children as a product of pandemic-induced anxiety, stress, school closures, and other challenges. In fact, Brightline’s own research found that more than 1 in 5 parents and caregivers have quit or are planning to quit their jobs in the coming year to better care for their children’s needs. By opening up much-needed access to care, Competitive Health and Brightline aim to help parents and caregivers not have to choose between their careers and supporting their families.  

“CHI understands the challenges and barriers to accessing affordable, quality mental health services,” says Darling. “Through our digital solutions and a virtual primary care approach, we are helping employers, employees and families by bringing urgently needed and flexible, convenient support during this critical time.”

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder of Competitive Health

Innovative telehealth technologies are being utilized to deliver integrated health services virtually, connecting providers and patients face-to-face via real-time video, audio, and instant message interaction. This concierge-like, “virtual visit” experience provides numerous conveniences and benefits to cost-efficient quality behavioral health care.

“Designed to support a range of behavioral health needs, Family Behavioral Health is set up for easy connectivity and use so every family can thrive,” continues Darling. “Highly specialized behavioral health clinical services are blended with self-guided and coach-supported skills-based training for parents and caregivers. Among the many features are on-demand programs for toddlers through teens, as well as interactive resources for parents and caregivers.”

For more information on Family Behavioral Health and CHI’s suite of digital health solutions, please visit and contact [email protected] to schedule a virtual demo.

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