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Competitive Health

Founded in 1996 by President and CEO Kimberly Darling, Competitive Health has been the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access – saving millions of dollars for clients.

Why Choose Us

With over 20 Years of Experience, our leveraged patented technology translates to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for Employer Groups, Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Affinity Groups and Consultants.

Powerful Product Possibilities

Access an entire virtual marketplace of over 40 services to reduce cost, promote engagement, and maximize commission. While also having access to a variety of everyday savings, products, offers, and more.

Personalized Healthcare App

SHOWBenefits® consolidates all user health cards in one application, and helps reduce healthcare spend, improves the claim experience, and provides education for healthcare to consumers.

Real-Time, Personalized Access

Personalized, real-time access to provider demographics, with fee schedules, price, and profile information, with service capabilities in cloud, mobile, text, video, virtual health, and more.

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Chris FreedmanFounder - MyBenefitsLab

We are changing the way people engage their healthcare and are excited to work with Competitive Health to do just that! With MyBenefitsLab, these members will be more empowered to not only save their money and time, but also possibly their lives.

Brandon Marytn

Our agents definitely know the WellCard product inside and out. It is Colonial's #1 Value-Add to get working conditions when we do enrollments.

James J. McCormack

My wife was paying $1,000 for a prescription, with WellCard Savings the prescription cost only $300. Thank you Competitive Health for providing this Value-Add service, complimentary to our Colonial Life Program.

Debbie Samples

For pennies a day, self-funded clients avoid the high cost of doctor office visits for minor but urgent conditions.

Thad Anderson

Thanks Competitive Health! I love the WellCard Savings tool and use if for all of my accounts!

Kristin Fluegel

Clients love using WellCard and it helps me get new business. I use it with all of my accounts and it's great to see the additions to the program!

Michael Perri

After the webinar I went onto the WellCard Savings website and registered myself to take advantage of great savings opportunities. We use the WellCard Savings tool on 100% of our accounts, thank you Competitive Health!


Our Team


CEO & Founder

Kimberly Darling is an entrepreneur and inventor who advocates for the practical use of technology. As an inventor, she holds more than 4 U.S. patents related to the innovation of healthcare data, payments and engagement. The innovator role came from a passionate determination to find solutions for clients.

Driven to spread the word on the virtues of practical technology innovation in the healthcare industry, Kimberly has helped her clients earn millions of dollars. With over 30 years of healthcare and technology experience, Kimberly excels at consultatively finding unique value and solutions.

Sandi Santino

SVP of Channel Partnerships

Sandi Santino has over 24 years of industry experience, holding senior leadership and sales positions with insurance companies, TPA’s, cost containment and PPO networks, financial institutions, and administrators of tax-favored accounts such as HSA, FSA, and HRAs. She successfully implements strategic initiatives, increasing growth, and market share with various size employers, market segments, associations, and partners, by understanding client’s needs and focus. Sandi is responsible for strategically driving growth through, National Sales, Channel partnerships, consultants, TPA, and national broker firms. Sandi resides in Atlanta, GA.

Quinn Pearl, VP of Sales, Competitive Health Inc.

Quinn Pearl

Vice President of Sales

Quinn Pearl is responsible for driving national sales for Competitive Health, with a focus on broker and third-party administrator client bases. Under his leadership, Competitive Health has seen steady year-over-year growth and has been named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies for three consecutive years.

Quinn brings a successful track record of more than 18 years in the employee benefits industry and has been awarded multiple awards for recruiting and business development.

Roger Macias, Director of Operations, Competitive Health Inc.

Roger Macias

Director of Operations

Roger leverages more than 20 years of leadership in healthcare project management, information technology, and client and vendor relationships. He oversees the various software application developments for product development and implementation.

As a Certified Scrum Master who is well versed in organizational planning and DevOps within the healthcare industry, he utilizes an agile team-focused approach to deliver quality products and services.

Matt Erickson

Director of Marketing

As Competitive Health’s Director of Marketing, Matt oversees the company’s digital marketing efforts. He works closely with vendors and distributors to create marketing campaigns for the WellCard Savings community, promotional pieces for our clients, and engagement strategies for our broker network.

Matt designs marketing, public relations, and communications strategies, with the goal of engaging members, distributors, and vendors in our growing network.

Angie Young, Customer Service Manager, Competitive Health Inc.

Angie Young

Client Success Manager

Angie is responsible for leadership, training, and providing continuing education of the customer service department, our call center, and our team of chat agents.

She also manages all client claims and claims repricing, fields provider calls, and assists with group renewals for telehealth groups. She builds relationships with our group sales agents and provides education and tools to increase effectiveness in the field.

As I sit in my backyard and contemplate all that our team has accomplished, I am truly thankful for each and every person on this team. Each one of you has talent, commitment, and enthusiasm, which both makes my life easier and helps me realize my dream every single day.

Kim DarlingCEO & Founder

Tiffany Bell

Client Engagement & Onboarding Manager

Tiffany works with brokers, agents and employers to ensure the smooth onboarding of new groups and facilitates the implementation of Competitive Health products.

She is an attorney and graduated from the University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law. Prior to joining the Competitive Health Team, she practiced in a small firm with a focus on family law.

Sean Bernard, Account Manager & Sales Support, Competitive Health Inc.

Sean Bernard

Sales Manager

Sean joined the Competitive Health team in January 2016. He leads and identifies new opportunities to improve the agent, broker, and member experience.

His drive and genuine desire to focus on developing tools to assist Competitive Health and its clients support our goals and improve member engagement.

Andrea Gomez, Manager of Administration, Competitive Health Inc.

Andrea Potter

Manager of Administration

Andrea reports directly to the CEO and assists in all areas of the business including project management, business development, and HR.

She executes on the company’s vision, fostering collaboration with executive management, focusing on achieving goals and objectives to increase revenue and elite customer care. Andrea organizes projects and events, and schedules and manages a demanding company calendar with keen precision.

Willa Siska - CHI Accounting Assistant, Headshot

Willa Siska

Accounting Manager

As Competitive Health’s Accounting Manager, Willa focuses on daily accounting procedures to support the accounting department, while also assisting agents and customers with accounting questions.

Her responsibilities include: clerical tasks, processing and recording transactions, preparing reports and budgets, fielding communications with clients and vendors, assisting with audits, resolving discrepancies, maintaining a database, and ensuring that records are complete and current.

Without each and every person here at Competitive Health, being named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list three years in a row would not have happened. I am so thankful for every person on our team.

Kim DarlingCEO & Founder
Sharayah Mitchell, Senior Graphic Designer, Competitive Health Inc.

Sharayah Mitchell

Senior Graphic Designer

As Competitive Health’s Senior Graphic Designer, Sharayah leads the creative vision across all channels and delivers design solutions while delivering on business objectives. She works closely with members of the Competitive Health community to create compelling designs that provide support for partners, agents, and distributors.

Her drive to deliver the highest quality work while communicating collaboratively leads to high satisfaction within the Competitive Health network.

Kiersi Koeff, Client Success Specialist, Competitive Health Inc.

Kiersi Koeff

Client Success Specialist

Kiersi handles customer service calls and educates members on how to effectively use the products and services available to them.

She is responsible for providing accurate information, timeliness of service, and maintaining member contentment. Being on the front line of customer service allows Kiersi to be the “voice of the member” and identify opportunities for unmatched customer service.

Crystal Hasenstab, Client Success Specialist, Competitive Health Inc.

Crystal Hasenstab

Client Success Specialist

As a Client Success Specialist, Crystal focuses on handling customer service calls, digital correspondence, and assisting providers.

She assists members, clients, providers, and insurance agents on a daily basis providing assistance and solutions. Crystal’s attention to detail and warm professionalism have made her a great addition to the customer service team, and helps keep the heart of the company beating strong.

Nicole Boudreau

Accounting Assistant

As Competitive Health’s Accounting Assistant, Nicole straddles two worlds. She focuses on daily accounting procedures to support the accounting department while also assisting agents and customers with onboarding and eligibility.

Her responsibilities include clerical tasks, processing, and recording transactions, preparing reports and budgets, fielding communications with clients and vendors, assisting with audits and eligibility, resolving discrepancies, and onboarding new groups.