Competitive Health Advances Access To Behavioral Health Services Through Virtual Care.

Sponsoring and Exhibiting at BenefitsPRO Broker Expo 2022

Competitive Health, Inc. (CHI), is proud to sponsor and exhibit at BenefitsPRO Broker Expo 2022. Annually attended by the nation’s top brokers, this three-day event being held in Austin, Texas, on May 23-25 will feature content that will help attendees prepare for new issues, embrace new challenges and find new solutions.

One major challenge facing the benefits industry is a higher demand for behavioral health services. Now, more than ever, Americans are struggling at home and work with mental health issues that fall under the behavioral health umbrella. COVID-19 is widely attributed to a national surge in professional counseling and therapy to address residual stress, anxiety and depression, and in many circumstances, compounded by substance abuse.

COVID-19 Reveals Vulnerabilities to Behavioral Health

Many at risk are finding it difficult to access care when needed the most. This unexpected demand severely strained clinical resources and revealed a shortage of providers and other vulnerabilities of the behavioral-health system. As a result, COVID-19 not only brought new attention to behavioral-health issues, but the pandemic also served as a catalyst that recognized a need for a new generation of innovative solutions that meet specific challenges and barriers to care.

Telehealth Solution

CHI delivers behavioral health solutions through telehealth innovation that impacts access, cost, and quality. While the inception of telemedicine greatly expanded the convenience of remote care, virtual care has the capability to go even farther, delivering a relationship-centered version of personalized holistic care with integrated services that support a patient’s entire digital healthcare journey – from wellness visits and preventative to urgent and chronic care – all within a virtual environment.

Virtual Behavioral Care

The future of behavioral health will be virtual care: a tech-enabled system in which teams of primary care teams and specialty physicians work together to deliver exceptional, cost-effective quality care whenever and wherever needed – regardless of time or distance.

As stigmas around mental health are subsiding, behavioral health is becoming more accepted and accessed as part of Virtual Primary Care (VPC) model, connecting patients and providers face-to-face in real-time as part of a “virtual first” approach to care.

Virtual primary care connects patients with comprehensive behavioral health care teams, from therapy and counseling to psychiatry and medication management, who work in coordination and close collaboration with primary care physicians. Depression and anxiety screenings help inform the most effective treatment plan, and pharmacogenetic testing ensures the right behavioral health medication is prescribed, the first time.

Zero Consult, Unlimited Counseling

CHI understands the challenges and barriers to accessing affordable, quality mental health services, and is dedicated to getting Americans the services they need to address our nation’s mental health crisis. Through our best-in-class digital solutions and a virtual primary care approach, we help employers and employees, individuals, and families by providing members with zero consult, unlimited 24-hour access to virtual behavioral care support for a transition back to pre-pandemic life.

See You At BenefitsPRO Broker Expo 2022

We would like to share more on the capabilities, quality improvement and cost containment this exciting platform brings to payers and their member experience. Please visit our BenefitsPRO Broker Expo 2022 booth (#501) and contact us though or [email protected] for a virtual demo.

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