Competitive Health Offers Employers a Comprehensive Guide to Family Behavioral Health Benefits.

For many working parents and caregivers, balancing the demands of a full-time job and family can be overwhelming. Pandemic-induced anxiety and stress add to this challenge. Within our families and communities, there have been irreversible changes that continue to affect us at home and in the workplace.

Now, more than ever, families, especially children, are struggling with issues that fall under the behavioral health umbrella. Working parents need multidisciplinary, individualized and proactive solutions, and they need them now – confidentially online, at-home and on-demand.

Your Partner in Family Behavioral Health

Competitive Health partners with employers and their health plans to empower families across a wide range of behavioral health needs. We understand the barriers to access, affordability, quality, visibility and the fear of stigma around mental health care. By opening-up needed access to resources and virtual primary care, we help families by bringing urgently needed and flexible support during this critical time.

We’ve created an employer’s guide to pediatric behavioral health benefits that companies can utilize to learn about the prevailing mental health issues affecting working families and their children. This resource is drawn from highly reputable clinicians and evidence-based sources, intended to serve as a reference for information and guidance. Behavioral health issues highlighted range from stress and anxiety, depression to mental illness, with insight into potential warning signs and symptoms, definitions of the most common diagnoses, and the short-and long-term effects.

For employers, this guide provides an overview and statistics of the most prevalent behavioral health disorders that impact the workplace. This reviews the current state of treatment and common challenges facing providers, as well as recommendations for health plans and the workplace.

Behavioral Health Need and Value to Workers and the Workplace

Without proactive support from employers, caregivers often pull back from their duties at work to support their families. When the burden and stress increases, it often gets expressed through extensive use of medical benefits and may be associated with productivity loss and high staff turnover. Instead of forcing parents to choose between their work and kids, employers need to offer the resources and a solution that connects families with specialized help.

Organizations can improve retention, boost productivity and reduce costs by adding excellent family behavioral care as part of the employee benefits package. The advantages are numerous — so long as those benefits truly provide a modernized, comprehensive solution that addresses the central problems working parents face: long appointment waitlists, high out of pocket costs, limited time and access to care, and stigma.

According to the guide, critical qualities to look for in a behavioral health care benefit solution include:

  • Multidisciplinary care teams

Families can access virtual care from coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists

  • Family-focused support

Access to online resources, ongoing support, and progress updates

  • Evidence-based, dyadic delivery

Care delivered by highly trained care teams with extensive experience working with families

  • Elegant, seamless experience

A digital app for on-the-go families to access to support whenever and wherever needed

Integration of a Virtual Behavioral Health Benefit Solution

Competitive Health’s first-to-market virtual behavioral health solution is designed specifically for children, teenagers, and their families, applying innovative telehealth technology for the virtual access and delivery of comprehensive care and therapy.

The Family Behavioral Health platform is available to employees of companies who access benefits through Competitive Health. The platform fully supports employers, healthcare plans and consultants to deliver a seamless system of virtual access and extraordinary behavioral health care to families, when and where they need it.

We’re excited to see many employers embracing the benefits of family behavioral health support. By working together through the right solution, working families can all resume living happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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