The TeleDentists Provide Oral Health Risk Assessments, Prevention, and Urgent Consultations.

Patients are able to connect to board-certified dentists from their mobile device or desktop. The consultation is conducted in real-time. If necessary, The TeleDentists can schedule a follow up appointment.

Over 125 million Americans don’t see a dentist on a regular basis due to geography, expense, or embarrassment. Through this partnership, a new solution to holistic virtual care has emerged.

Competitive Health finds partnerships that fill a need in the marketplace for all parties. The solution offered through The TeleDentists allows individuals affordable and convenient access to dental care while also eliminating the burden to employers and insurers on expensive ER visits, and time off of work.

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder

The solution provided by The TeleDentists takes virtual care to a new level. With the click of a button patients can access dental care and find relief. Video consults connect the patient with a board-certified dentist to discuss and diagnose the problem they are experiencing, eliminating the need for expensive ER visits.

Woman at a dental appointment with the dentist looking in her mouth with a dental hand mirror

The TeleDentists is expanding access to dental care by providing virtual consults with dentists so that consumers can get answers to their dental questions, help when they need it, and convenient care.

Dr. Maria KunstadterCo-Founder - The TeleDentists

About Competitive Health

Competitive Health, Inc. is the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access. The firm’s direct agreements with the nation’s leading telehealth companies, retail clinics, and PPO networks, position Competitive Health to provide unlimited access and unprecedented savings to clients and members. CHI is a full-service healthcare marketplace featuring a suite of virtual, concierge, and ancillary product solutions.

Competitive Health has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for insurance carriers, third-party administrators, affinity groups and exchanges since 1996.

The TeleDentists

The TeleDentists is pioneering tele-dentistry with an easily accessible solution to urgent oral and dental problems 24/7/365. A proprietary, national network of Board Licensed dentists use secure online video consults to connect with patients’ smart phones, laptops or tablets.

They diagnose problems, start remediation and, when needed, arrange next business day appointments with a conveniently located dentist. The service is available to hospitals, urgent care facilities, retail clinics, self-insured corporations, senior-living centers, universities and telemedicine service providers.