A New Maternity Benefit for Expecting and New Parents.

Competitive Health, Inc. officially unveils a new maternity benefit, MaternityHub.

MaternityHub members have access to an essential support ecosystem that provides the family with a guided, curated experience that helps members track their progress from the time they begin trying to conceive through the first year of the child’s life.

Along the way, members have access to live coaching, EAP services, and medical, dermatological, & behavioral telemedicine. MaternityHub includes lifestyle and family savings on theme parks, hotel stays, rental cars, movie tickets, and even in-store/online family savings.

The marketplace lacks a maternity solution that fits the needs of both patient and payer. The average cost of having a baby in the United States, without complications, is over $10,000. When factoring in the care provided pre and post-pregnancy, this cost can exceed $30,000.

Through MaternityHub’s holistic solution, the patient is supported throughout their pre and post-pregnancy journey from the convenience of their mobile device via chat, videos, articles and more, all while reducing the cost of maternity claims.

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder

MaternityHub acts as a clinical support program for those trying, expecting, and parenting in the first year. The approach is designed to fill the gaps currently in the maternity ecosystem. Parents and caregivers are able to access support for topics relating to nutrition, fertility, birth, mental health, return to work, and more from their mobile app or desktop.


The solution offered by MaternityHub aims to take the worry out of pre and post pregnancy care. Video consults, chat groups, and helpful articles provide a supportive environment, while reducing the cost of maternity claims.

Interested in how MaternityHub can benefit your employees or group members? For more information or to schedule your demo today, visit: www.myMaternityHub.com.

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