One Complete Healthcare App.

This mobile application streamlines the way healthcare is delivered by consolidating all medical and healthcare services onto one mobile platform. SHOWBenefits®, a benefits-focused virtual wallet, offers a centralized location for current medical plan information, real-time deductible tracking, up to 15 electronic ID cards, and more.

SHOWBenefits® helps consumers keep track of their benefits in an easy to use app. The SHOWBenefits® app is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.

Consumers’ need for on-demand healthcare results in nearly one-third of unnecessary emergency room visits, and could have been avoided with SHOWBenefits™, which provides real-time access to telehealth services, concierge services, pharmacies, and more.

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder

House all of your employee benefits in one complete mobile healthcare experience. Members receive important reminders about plan updates, benefit changes, feature updates, and tips on how to access cost-effective and convenient healthcare. SHOWBenefits® is where technology and convenience meet to give people the means to navigate their benefits. No more changing platforms with every new benefit placement, and you can now redirect claims to lower cost options.

Competitive Health offers a full-service suite of ROI maximizing tools for employers, associations, brokers, and health plans, while also increasing engagement, satisfaction, savings, and utilization for over 4 million members. Through Competitive Health, partners and their members have access to a full suite of virtual services including; telehealth, behavioral health, dermatology, spinal health, dental care, veterinary experts, and more.

About Competitive Health

Competitive Health, Inc. is the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access. The firm’s direct agreements with the nation’s leading telehealth companies, retail clinics, and PPO networks, position Competitive Health to provide unlimited access and unprecedented savings to clients and members. CHI is a full-service healthcare marketplace featuring a suite of virtual, concierge, and ancillary product solutions.

Competitive Health has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for insurance carriers, third-party administrators, affinity groups and exchanges since 1996.