The first-to-market virtual behavioral health platform built specifically for children and teenagers.

Strategically aimed at addressing critical challenges faced by working parents and their families, Competitive Health’s new Family Behavioral Health solution gives members access to an innovative, first-to-market virtual behavioral health platform built specifically for children and teenagers.

More than ever, kids and teens are struggling with issues that fall under the behavioral health umbrella. Pandemic-induced anxiety and stress add to the challenges. Of course, these difficulties are often problematic for parents and can pose obstacles to job retention and optimal performance. In fact, research found that more than 1 in 5 parents are intending to leave the workforce in 2022 to better care for their children’s needs.

By opening up needed access to on-demand, virtual behavioral care, Competitive Health is helping parents and caregivers by enabling them to not have to choose between leaving their careers and supporting their families. Competitive Health offers a best-in-class solution to employers, allowing them to bring urgently needed and flexible support to their employees and their families during this critical time with their Family Behavioral Health solution.

A Virtual, On-Demand Solution

This first-to-market platform is built specifically for children and teenagers in mind. Using innovative technology and an evidence-based care approach, Family Behavioral Health supports a range of behavioral health needs so every family can thrive.

Our Family Behavioral Health solution provides interactive resources and support for parents and caregivers experiencing behavioral health needs with their children. These options are delivered alongside on-demand chat and live coaching programs, behavior therapy, evaluation, and medication support, and speech therapy — all delivered by confidential video visits.

    • Multidisciplinary care teams: Families can access virtual care from coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists
    • Family-focused support: Access to online resources, ongoing support, and progress updates
    • Evidence-based, dyadic delivery: Care delivered by highly trained care teams with extensive experience working with families
    • Elegant, seamless experience: A digital app for on-the-go families to access support whenever and wherever needed

This platform fully supports employers, healthcare plans, and consultants to deliver a seamless system of access and extraordinary behavioral health care to families, when and where they need it.

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