Competitive Health, Inc. today proudly announces its partnership with eFamilyCare, adding caregiver support to its digital health offering.

This partnership allows Competitive Health to connect family caregivers to expert Care Advisers who coach them on caring for their chronically ill loved ones, which in turn helps reduce costs associated with unnecessary hospitalizations.

"The collaboration between our two organizations is a strategic step in growing our expansive marketplace of virtual health solutions. Our Companion Care product has always focused on care for seniors – however, by adding caregiver support through eFamilyCare we have created a holistic offering. We can now offer an end-to-end package which encompasses both the patient and the caregiver. This solution will save our employer groups thousands in claims dollars year-over-year."

Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder of Competitive Health

The evidence reflects that providing family caregivers with expert advice improves the wellbeing of these employed caregivers. When family caregivers are educated and empowered, their own well-being and absenteeism are improved. For years there was no real solution to help support those who care for our loved ones. In fact, it’s estimated that 92% of family caregivers want to receive virtual advice and support, according to the American Academy of Home Care Medicine.1

– Source (1): American Academy of Home Care Medicine 2019.

“This pandemic has highlighted the urgent and ongoing need for caregivers within our society. Caring for the chronically ill as well as the 53 million family caregivers who care for them has never been more important. Yet often caregivers, 24 million of whom are balancing jobs with caregiving, do not receive support in managing their loved ones’ healthcare needs or their own stress and anxiety. With the senior and chronically ill population only growing, and with the healthcare industry continually pushing care to the home, family caregivers need guidance. eFamilyCare was founded to provide tech-enabled, expert-driven caregiver support to meet this need. We are so excited to partner with Competitive Health to bring about a holistic solution for their Companion Care product. Together, we can support those who are doing much of the work for their loved ones but lack convenient and reliable expert resources."

Naveen KathuriaCEO of eFamilyCare

With nearly 50% of the workforce responsible for an aging loved one’s care, employers are facing what is fast becoming a caregiving crisis. Together, Competitive Health and eFamilyCare plan to leverage the power of their partnership to deliver an innovative solution to employers and employees. CHI is proud to offer this valuable caregiver benefit to employer groups and associations through its digital healthcare marketplace.

About Competitive Health, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Competitive Health is the preeminent builder of custom health solutions. Utilizing award-winning digital health programs, 22 telehealth specialities, and healthcare ancillary services, providing unlimited access and unprecedented savings to our clients and their members. Last year – Competitive Health saved employer groups, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, affinity groups, and exchanges over $100 million dollars.

About eFamilyCare

eFamilyCare is an online family caregiving service that connects you with expert care advisors dedicated to helping you care for your loved ones. Their care advisors help members build a personalized plan that provides ongoing support for family caregiving.

eFamilyCare’s Co-Founder, Dr. Eric Rackow (President of NYU Hospitals Center) saw first-hand the need to better support family caregivers of patients who were unnecessarily experiencing frequent hospitalizations. His insights led him to develop a unique model of complex chronic care management and homecare solutions nationwide. His story, like the other founders of eFamilyCare, helped to create the first-ever digital platform to connect family caregivers to medical experts anytime, anywhere.

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