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Store all of your pet’s information and your contact details in one place with Pet Locator. When your pet’s ID tag is scanned their pet profile can be accessed with information such as your phone number, your pet’s medical needs, and more.

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Benefit Insights

Broker Incentives

Employee Happiness

Increased a sense of company loyalty with Pet Locator. Give employees an added perk in the workplace that shows them that their employer cares about their well-being, leading to higher happiness levels.

Unique Product

Bring a product that differentiates your services in the marketplace – Pet Locator services appeal to a wide range of customers.

Large Customer Pool

2020 saw unprecedented growth in pet ownership as more people began working from home. Now that more employees have gone back to the workplace, a Pet Locator benefit is applicable to many more employees, making it more relevant than ever.

Offering three pet health solutions: A dynamic lost-pet notification tag with an online pet profile, a discount bundled pet health membership, covering all pets in the home, and pet insurance with no age or breed restrictions, and a whole lot more.

Member Benefits

Emergency Contacts

Easily store your contact information as well as emergency contacts to be notified in the case your pet goes missing. Pet Locator provides an easy-to-print “lost” poster so you can get the word out quickly and get your pet home as soon as possible.

Vet Information

Store your pet’s veterinarian contact information in case you cannot be reached, with additional options available to list current vaccinations your pets may have. You can store medical conditions, allergies, medications, or food preferences your pet may have to keep them healthy until you can pick them up.

Saved Documents

Save documents such as pet insurance carrier and policy numbers, city registration, and records, with a copy of your pet’s insurance carrier (if applicable) and policy number for easy access.

Pets are family. With 81% of people thinking of their pets as full-fledged family members, a pet benefit will lower the stress of pet parents. With a Pet Locator membership, employees can rest assured that if their pet were to wander, that there’s an easy way for your pet’s rescuer to reach out to you on behalf of your lost pet. Pet information stored in the cloud and GPS Notification systems work in tandem to ensure lost pets are recovered as quickly as possible, even if you aren’t aware that they are missing.

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