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With Discount Lab, members can browse a broad range of medical laboratory tests, learn more about the tests and conditions, and directly purchase the medical lab tests. For members with lab tests ordered by their doctor, we provide an easy way to purchase the same tests at a cost that’s up to 50% less than their physician’s office or local hospital lab.

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Benefit Insights

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High Utilization

Laboratory tests are included in nearly 25% of U.S. patient care quality indicators for adults. Laboratory medicine professionals play a critical role in ensuring high-quality, cost-effective clinical care with informed interpretations of results.

Lower Costs

For members with insurance, the prices are often lower than the co-pay and deductible that a doctor will charge; and for the uninsured or those on an HRA, HSA, FSA, or other plan, members can screen their health within their budget.

High Growth

The Global Market for Blood Testing is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 11.25% (2020-2027).

Throughout an individual’s lifespan, laboratory tests contribute to improved overall health and better disease management. In addition to testing performed to diagnose specific conditions and monitor treatment, lifelong health screenings are a cost-effective preventative measure that can detect risk early, leading to better prognoses and more favorable outcomes. Health complications and death associated with heart disease, stroke, and cancer, for example, have been significantly prevented through evidence-based screenings and preventative services.

Member Benefits

300+ Panels

More than 300 different blood tests to choose from, all from nationally accredited, well-known clinical laboratories.

Transparent Costs

Lack of information and transparency into lab costs can block individuals who would otherwise seek care—price compare and pre-purchase tests, with no hidden costs.

Deep Discounts

All of the offered blood tests are heavily discounted so members can afford to stay healthy. Also, no doctor visit means no co-pay, deductible, or travel expenses.

Discount Lab can help members catch health conditions early, monitor a chronic disease or condition, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, determine if treatment for a disease is working, and check if their organs work properly. All of the blood test results are accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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