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Caregiver Support helps avoid unnecessary hospitalizations by virtually coaching family caregivers on how to care for their chronically ill loved ones. Each patient’s family is connected with a dedicated care adviser and can access our digital mobile and online platform for information and support at their convenience.

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Benefit Insights

Broker Incentives

Growing Need

Why do brokers need Caregiver Support? There are roughly 50M seniors today, by 2060 there will be an estimated 95 million. Of the current labor force, 24M employees are caregivers.  Most importantly 61% of employed caregivers have workplace accommodations – this potential audience represents families in need. Employers want to help solve this issue as it grows year over year!

Employee Absenteeism

It’s estimated that 1 out of 3 employees have left a position to care for a relative. Of which, 80% of employees admitted that caregiving affects their productivity. Providing family caregivers with expert advice improves the wellbeing of these employed caregivers, and when family caregivers are educated and empowered, their wellbeing and absenteeism improve.

Reduce Hospitalizations

Did you know that supporting caregivers decreases hospitalizations by 51%?* In addition, 92% of caregivers want to receive ongoing virtual advice and support. Online questionnaires help caregivers identify and prioritize their concerns about their family member’s quality of life and wellbeing so that employers can successfully support their staff and their families.

Caregivers are the glue that connects vulnerable adults living with complex medical, functional, and behavioral challenges to the support they need. As the United States faces a severe shortage of nurses and physicians and people continue to live longer with more complex health challenges, the role of family caregivers will only grow in influence.

Member Benefits

Needed Assistance

One in 10 women say they have quit work due to a pandemic-related reason, including due to caregiving responsibilities, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found. Nearly 6 in 10 juggle work and caregiving simultaneously. Some have had to scale back on work responsibilities due to the pandemic. That’s why Caregiver Support is more important than ever! Our seniors need continuous assistance – family caregivers should be supported with the assistance they need. The results are decreased absenteeism – saving employers thousands!

Video Communication

Secure messaging technology ensures that all communications between our expert care advisors and the support team are private and safe. In addition, our platform enables live video connection to an expert care advisor to provide an objective evaluation to help develop solutions for more difficult care situations.

Knowledge & Resources

With Caregiver Support, members can keep up to date with the most current information about family caregiving with timely, relevant articles and resources tailored to their situation. In addition, expert advisors are available via our mobile messaging and video app to provide the caregiver with timely support to help them solve problems of in-home care.

Nothing is more important than your family’s well-being. Caregiver Support is an online caregiving service that connects you with expert care advisors dedicated to helping you care for your loved ones. Our care advisors will help you build a personalized plan that provides ongoing support for your caregiving. Our dedicated social workers and nurses coach caregivers to improve the health of chronically ill loved ones using the 4M framework for care, which drives down the healthcare cost by:

  • Helping to understand and act on what matters: We advise caregivers to understand their chronically ill loved one’s health goals and care preferences.
  • Helping to manage their medications: We advise caregivers to ensure that their chronically ill loved one’s medications do not interfere with mobility, mentation, or what matters.
  • Helping to improve mobility: We advise caregivers to ensure that their chronically ill loved ones move safely daily to maintain function and do what matters.
  • Helping to manage changes in mentation: We advise caregivers how to identify the signs of dementia, depression, or delirium and connect with resources to support their loved ones.

*Source: National Bureau of Economic Research 2016

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